The Psychological Impact of Adopting a Healthcare Blockchain system- Pros and Cons

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K. D. V. Prasad, Ridhi Rani, Rita Rani, Reetuja Deshpande, Pooja Kulkarni


This research aims to provide a quantitative examination of blockchain technology in healthcare in order to better understand its potential applications and draw clearer conclusions about its potential pros and cons.The study employed the use of a simple random sampling method by the researcher. The entire sample size for this study is 387 personnel working in hospitals. The study's data gathering went smoothly, though, because 387 personnel working in hospitals were chosen at random. After researching the pros and cons of blockchain psychological impact on healthcare sector is studied. Prior to distribution, the questionnaire is mapped out and checked for reliability. In this article, experts from many fields who are at the vanguard of blockchain conceptualization, development, and implementation offered their perspectives. The findings will aid scientists in pinpointing healthcare applications most suited for blockchain technology.Even while the use of blockchain technology in healthcare is still in its infancy at present, its potential benefits are enormous. Technology has not been widely implemented in the healthcare industry just yet, but this is expected to change. Few studies have been conducted on the topic, highlighting the need for greater investigation into practical applications.

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Reetuja Deshpande, Pooja Kulkarni, K. D. V. P. R. R. R. R. (2023). The Psychological Impact of Adopting a Healthcare Blockchain system- Pros and Cons. Journal for ReAttach Therapy and Developmental Diversities, 6(1s), 105–113.