Associated Determinants of Anemia and the Effect of Oral Health in Korean Women: The 8th KNHANES

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Moon-Hee Kwon, Junghyun Kim


Background/Objectives: Anemia and oral health are serious problems globally. Previous studies of anemia have documented but rare studies with oral health are existing. We aimed to identify the determinants of anemia.

Methods/Statistical analysis: To identify on the determinant factors of anemia, we analyzed latest cross-sectional data from 8th (2019) KNHANES. 2,273 female participants aged (20≤) were investigated and to find out the major related factors of anemia, multi-variable-logistic-regression were used with complex-sampling methods by SPSS (ver.21.0). This data was well known for its national representative one with reliability and validity.

Findings: The prevalence of anemia was 12.6%. This study results were revealed through multiple logistic regressions that aged (65≤) and aged (35-64) women groups compared to aged (20-34) group, no taking dietary supplements and no physical activity factors were the major determinants of anemia significantly. The next significant factors of anemia were no living with spouse and periodontitis in order. These findings are unique in view of dealing with oral health problems such as periodontitis and chewing difficulty caused of dementia and chronic disease, and anemia. And these results are very valuable to prevent anemia triggering all cause of mortality focusing on various view of points including oral health problems and marital status and so on.

Improvements/Applications: Therefore, government, local authorities and community healthcare professionals should do urgently cooperate in preparing various health education programs including oral health to prevent anemia caused of dementia and chronic diseases.

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