Satisfaction level of Dental Hygiene Department Students according to Class Types due to COVID-19

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Hye-jeong Hwang, Kyung-hee Kang


Background/Objectives: This study was conducted to investigate the class satisfaction of dental hygiene students according to the class type due to COVID-19 and to reflux it to future education.

Methods/Statistical analysis: The data collected in this study were analyzed using SPSS Window Ver 25.0, and the statistical significance determination was used at a significance level of less than 0.05. For analysis related to theory and practice class type by grade, descriptive statistics and Pearson's correlation coefficient were conducted, and an independent sample t-test was conducted for class satisfaction by class type. Logistic regression analysis was conducted on the effect of class form on class satisfaction.

Findings: As a result of the study, 21 students (70.0%) in 2nd grade and 30 (38.5%) in 3rd grade were conducted in face-to-face practice (p<0.05), In the actual theoretical lecture format, 8 face-to-face lectures (26.7%) were conducted in the second grade, and 23 (29.5%) were mixed with real-time online lectures and online recorded lectures in the third grade (p<0.05). As a result of logistic regression analysis as dependent variable, the combination of face-to-face and real-time online lectures increased 43.392 times compared to real-time online lectures, and the combination of face-to-face and online recorded lectures decreased 0.030 times in theoretical lectures (p<0.05) compared to online recorded lecture.

Improvements/Applications: In conclusion, in order to improve students' class satisfaction and academic achievement according to the change in class form due to Covid 19, it is necessary to develop various lecture types according to the delivery of theoretical lectures and practical lectures. For this, active development efforts of instructors and financial and administrative support of university resources will be required.

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