Psychological Behavior of Students by Interaction and Cognition in Online Learning Platforms: A Review

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Obaida Chaqmaqchee, Zainab Jasim


      Online learning has become popular as it provides more flexible access to content and instruction everywhere and at all times. Currently, this field has witnessed a surge of interest to examine the efficiency of this medium as an educational model. For this study, the researchers reviewed the literature by examining changes implemented by practitioners and researchers in their online courses, with regard to the content, to successfully implement online learning. The study focused on the cognitive level, for questions asked in the classroom by the instructor, as a significant variable to be investigated. The cognitive factor has received keen interest from scholars and practitioners in online learning, to improve interaction in online classroom discussions. Therefore, the study focused on scales that are used to assess cognition and interaction in the classroom. Based on the review, different scales have been implemented to assess the cognitive factor in the online classroom. However, the study found that previous studies have reached inconsistent findings due to different scales that have been implemented to assess cognition and interaction. This review integrates the types of cognitive skills essential to facilitate online interaction and theoretically examines the conflict in the literature. Therefore, both theoretical and practical issues are addressed in this research to provide recommendations for developing teacher-instruction materials in online learning with recommendations as operationalized in practice.

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