Pedagogy of Multipurpose Farming Machine and Its Effect on Social Work of Farmers

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Kuldeep Panwar, Vipul Negi, Govind Kumar


 India's economy is based on agriculture. There is a lot of fieldwork in the agricultural industry, such as weeding, reaping, planting, and other activities that were formerly done with conventional equipment. Working with such equipment was exhausting and time-consuming. Traditional methods are also time-consuming. Agriculture mechanization made farming simpler and faster. For virtually every job in agriculture, there are a variety of equipment available. Machines may help with anything from land preparation to agricultural harvesting and other processes. This machine is not just a faster and more efficient method to do these jobs. Agriculture machinery is more expensive these days, and most farmers with a rural background cannot afford it. The majority of Indian farmers own relatively tiny plots of land, therefore buying this more expensive equipment may not be viable for them. Aside from that, most farmers regard conventional agricultural techniques as their main approaches. In light of the aforementioned considerations, it is necessary to design equipment that can be used many times and is also inexpensive.

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Kuldeep Panwar, Vipul Negi, Govind Kumar. (2023). Pedagogy of Multipurpose Farming Machine and Its Effect on Social Work of Farmers. Journal for ReAttach Therapy and Developmental Diversities, 6(2s), 320–324. Retrieved from