Supporting Mental Well-Being in the Workplace - A Study

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Anil Kumar, Aashish A. Gadgil, KDV Prasad, Naveen Kumar M., Veena Prasad Vemuri


                The well-being of employees in the workplace is an important issue that currently occupies the highest level of priority in organizational research. Experiences a person has at work, whether they be emotional or social, undoubtedly have an effect not only on the person in the working domain but also in domains in which they do not work. Workers spend about a third of their time at work and continue to think about their responsibilities even after they leave the office. The provision of welfare has the potential to bring about unfavourable outcomes for both workers and organisations. If employees aren't happy and secure in their jobs, they may be less effective as a team, make poorer decisions, miss more work, and generally bring down the organization's output. Teaching workers why it's crucial to see them as whole people with complicated lives is the same as instructing them on the importance of respecting work-life harmony, which can help them better manage the responsibilities and goals of both their professional and personal lives. Both productivity and morale in the workplace will increase as a result of this. Regular stress has a deleterious effect on people's emotional and physical well-being in the workplace. Employees may experience stress from both internal and external factors. Workers are people who are employed by a business and who use their skills, knowledge, and effort to boost the profitability of that business. Successful businesses are built on the shoulders of their employees, who are the firm's foundation. Trying to make it as a professional in today's world is a difficult task. Stakeholders and potential employers have a greater need for data and tools to aid in the education process due to the rise in administrative duties. As a result of this, maintaining a healthy balance between one's personal life and one's professional life as an employee of an IT company has become a stressful endeavour, and stress can have a negative impact on one's job performance, which in turn can have a negative impact on one's everyday life. The degree of contentment that an employee derives from their work directly influences how well they perform their duties.

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Anil Kumar, Aashish A. Gadgil, KDV Prasad, Naveen Kumar M., Veena Prasad Vemuri. (2023). Supporting Mental Well-Being in the Workplace - A Study. Journal for ReAttach Therapy and Developmental Diversities, 6(2s), 338–345. Retrieved from