Analysing Disability and Mental Well Being Study among Adolescents

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Rajesh E., Jetal J. Panchal, Vidya N. Mahendrakar, Kailas Aute, Naveen Kumar M.


The world's ageing populations are just one of the many demographics where disability and mental health issues are on the rise as a public health issue. [Note:] People with physical or cognitive impairments are more likely to be excluded from social activities. These limitations not only threaten people's health and happiness, but they also go against basic human rights. Several studies have found that one's mental and physical health can both benefit from maintaining healthy relationships with the people in one's immediate social environment. The positive effects on mental health and wellbeing may be diminished for adults who are physically impaired and therefore have fewer opportunities to engage in mutually beneficial exchanges. Disability can impact mental well-being among adolescents by contributing to stigma and discrimination, low self-esteem, limited opportunities, health problems, and limited access to social support. Understanding these impacts can inform the development of interventions that aim to promote mental well-being among adolescents with disabilities. The aim of this study is to analyze the relationship between disability and mental well-being among adolescents in terms of social, individual & environmental factors. According to the findings, every one of these sampled factors has an impact on the mental wellbeing and disability of adolescents. This research utilised a well-structured questionnaire to collect information regarding participants' levels of disability, mental health, and other relevant factors. The findings of this study will provide beneficial information on the connection between disability and mental well-being. These findings can be used to inform the development of policies and programmes that are aimed at improving the overall health and well-being of adolescents.

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Rajesh E., Jetal J. Panchal, Vidya N. Mahendrakar, Kailas Aute, Naveen Kumar M. (2023). Analysing Disability and Mental Well Being Study among Adolescents. Journal for ReAttach Therapy and Developmental Diversities, 6(2s), 371–377. Retrieved from