Assessing India's Research on Disabilities

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Ms. Priyanka Jaiswal, Ms. Dechen Ganjur, Mr. Ramgopal Singh, Bhupen Subba


The relationship between an individual's physical qualities and those of the society where he or she lives results in disability, which is a complex phenomenon. This viewpoint contends that individuals with disabilities are constrained in their ability to carry out daily tasks because of a complex web of interconnected factors, a few of which are personal to the individual and others of which are connected to the societal, environmental, and political structures, in which the individual lives. This study's goal is to perform a review of the literature on all papers about psychiatric disability that have appeared in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry from the journal's inaugural print issue to the present. In the arena of mental incapacity of patients in India seeking treatment at psychiatric institutes, we have also added some extra essential information. The essay finishes with a consideration of the challenges that come with having a mental disability, the ADA's provisions, and potential advancements in the field of psychiatric disability.

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Ms. Priyanka Jaiswal, Ms. Dechen Ganjur, Mr. Ramgopal Singh, Bhupen Subba. (2022). Assessing India’s Research on Disabilities. Journal for ReAttach Therapy and Developmental Diversities, 5(1s), 47–51. Retrieved from